Strategic Marketing Plan

Produce + Promote + Price + Plan + People = Profit

A strategic plan lets we know where we want our company to be now, next year - and five years out.

1. Who are you and how do you set yourself apart from your competition? (When well done, marketing is based on your genuine uniqueness).

2. What services of products do your offer (What needs are YOU neeting that your competition does not?).
Estimated strength
Market share and market trend
Financial strengths and weaknesses
Quality of management
Technology position compared to competitors
Marketing strategy (target market strategy, program/products positioning,
product line strategy and distribution, pricing strategy, promotion srategy).

3. Who needs these products or services?
Describe their estimate annual purchases
Size of market(of customers/organisations/purchasing units)
Demographic/socioeconomics of customers
Geographic concentration or dispersion
Customer buying motivations & values
Information their base purchase decisions on purchasing practices

4. How do you intend to grab them by the throat? (what messages will you send and in which media - media they respond to?).

5. When are the best time to reach them? (is your business considered seasonal? If so, this impacts your adverstising).

6. How much of your budget are you devoting to marketing?

7. Put measurements in place. Is is difficult to tell if a marketing program is a success if there are no mechanisms to measure results.

8. Stay focused. Your marketing plan is only as good as your implementation.

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