Goat Farming In Malaysia - Challenges & Solution

1. In 2007 until June 2008, Australia exported 67,181 goats to Malaysia.
2. In July 2008, Agriculture and agro-based Industries Minister, datuk Mustapa Mohamaed (quoted by Bernama) said: "Today we only have about 300,000 goats.By 2015 we want to increase the number to 1.1 millions goats and we would like the private sectors to invest this goat breeding sector".
3. Government aims to produce 25% local mutton by 2015.
4. According to DAFWA Modelling (Dept. of Agriculture and Food, WA) until 2015, at least 120,000 breeder goats need to be imported.
5. Malaysian goats industries consists of: 300,000 goats, 21,000 breeders.
6. Each year- at least 1 million carcasses and/or live slaughter goats need to be imported to satisfy the predicted per capita consumption of the Malaysian population (DAFWA 2008)

Source: MAHA 2008. Tim Johnson. Goat Farming In Malaysia - Challenges & Solution. DAFWA.

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