Must read: Sheep/goat management by Susan Schoenian

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Very useful and resourceful about sheep/goat management.

Getting Started With Sheep
Sheep 101 and Sheep 201: A Beginner's Guide to Raising Sheep
Thinking of Raising Sheep - Ohio State University
Are You Thinking of Raising Sheep? - University of Maine
Starting a Sheep Enterprise - Oklahoma State University
Starting or Expanding Your Sheep Flock - University of Minnesota
Getting Started in a Sheep Enterprise - University of Missouri
Developing a Sheep Enterprise - University of Kentucky
Sheep Production and Management - New Mexico State University
Montana Farm Flock Sheep Production Handbook
Sheep On Shares - North Dakota State University
Sheep - University of California 4-H Farm
Chet's Practical Guide to Starting a Sheep Enterprise
Sheep Production in Georgia
Sheep Facts - North Carolina State University
Getting Started in Sheep - Saskatchewan, Canada
Sustainable Sheep Production - ATTRA- NCAT | [PDF, 2000]
Getting into sheep: an introductory guide - Western Australia

Getting Started With Goats
Goat Management - Cornell University
Basic Meat Goat Facts - North Carolina State University
Meat Goat Selection and Care - Mississippi State University
Getting Started: A Guide for the New or Prospective Dairy Goat Owner
Goats and More Goats - University of California 4-H Farm
Quick Start Guide for Newcomers to the Boer Goat Industry
Why You Should Raise Meat Goat - Boer Goats Home
Meat Goat Production - Penn State Ag Alternatives (2000)
Sustainable Goat Production: Meat Goats - ATTRA-NCAT | [PDF, 2006}
Feasability of Goat Production in West Virginia: A Handbook for Beginners
Meat Goat Production and Budgeting - Ohio State University
Goats in Alaska - Alaska Livestock Series (2006)
Getting started in the meat goat business: the series - Florida A&M University

Basic Care
An illustrated guide to sheep and goat production | [PDF, 2008] - ATTRA-NCAT
Goat Care Practices - University of California Davis
Sheep Care Practices - University of California Davis
Small Ruminant Pocket Guide (2006) Alabama Cooperative Extension | Download (PDF, 116 pp)
Goat Care - Basic Goat Primer
Basic Goat Care - Glenhardin Farm Alpines
Sheep Management 101 - Barking Rock Farm
Windwood Acres Basic Sheep Care Q and A Page
Management Articles - Gedemark

Sheep Management Calendar
Sheep Management Schedule - Virginia Tech | [PDF, 2003]
Sheep Flock Management Calendar - Montana State University
Sheep Management Calendar - Oregon State University
A Planning Calendar for Sheep Herd Health and Management - Oklahoma State University
Sheep Pocket Guide - North Dakota State University
Flock Calendar Outline - North Dakota State University
Sheep Management Calendar - University of Tennessee
Calendarizing Sheep Flock Management Practices - Alcorn State University

Goat Management Calendar
Sheep and Goat Management Calendar - Auburn University (2006)
Meat Goat Production Calendar - University of Arkansas
Goat Management - Jack and Anita Maudlin's Boer Goats
Dairy Goat Management Calendar - ADGA

Lambing and Kidding
Suggested lambing/kidding supplies - Washington State University
[PPT, 920 K] Preparing for Lambing and Kidding
[PPT, 1.03 mb] Problems encountered (at lambing and kidding) and how to address them
Managing lambing and kidding - Cornell University (2005)
Getting Ready for Lambing and Kidding
Pre-lambing management of ewes - Kansas State University (1992)

Lambing FAQ by Ron Florence
Care of Ewes and Lambs at Lambing Time - University of Missouri
Avoid Lambing Season Problems - University of Minnesota
Management at Lambing Time - British Columbia, Canada
Success at Lambing Time - Ohio State University
Lambing Time Management - Virginia Tech
Lambing Management Tips - Virginia Tech
Lambing Time is Around the Corner - South Dakota State University
Increasing Lamb Survival - Purdue University
Dealing with Difficult Births at Lambing - Purdue University
Management of Ewes and Lambs at Weaning - Purdue University
The Ideal Lambing Season - Purdue University
Early vs. Late Lambing: Which is Best - Purdue University
Slide Show of Ewe Giving Birth - Purdue University
Pre-Lambing Management of Ewes - Kansas State University (1992)
Pre-Lambing Ewe Management - Pipestone Vet
How do "ewe" become a foster mother?
Lactation and Weaning Management for Lambs - Western Australia

Breeding and Kidding Management in the Goat Herd - North Carolina State University
Preparing for Kidding - Onion Creek Ranch
Kidding Joys and Woes Part I | Part II | Part III - Onion Creek Ranch
Pre and Post Kidding Preparations for Dairy Goat Does and Kids - Wooden Bridge Ranch
Goat Health and Husbandry - Fias Co Farm
Breeding and Kidding Management - Penn State University
Best management practices for dairy goat farms (2008) - University of Wisconsin

Age determination
How to Estimate the Age of Goats and Sheep - National Dept. of Agriculture, South Africa
How to Tell the Age of Sheep (rev. 2003) - NSW Australia
How to tell the age of goats - (rev. 2003) NSW Australia
Teeth and Age of the Goat (1999) - Cornell University
How to estimate the age of goats and sheep - Smallstock in Development
How to tell the age of goats - Australia Goat Notes

Weigh Chart for the Large Dairy Goat Breeds
Lambing Date Calculator - Montana State University

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