Malaysia Underpinning Live Goat Exports

Live goat exports for the first nine months of 2007 totalled 62,331 head – up 103% year-on-year and the highest since 2002 (Australian Bureau of Statistics). Record numbers to Malaysia have underpinned shipments this year.

Strong demand for Australian goats from Malaysia has provided the impetus for the increased shipments during 2007. Exports to Malaysia for the first nine months of 2007 stood at a record 47,497 head, with very large shipments recorded during May (7,642 head), August (9,859 head) and September (6,663 head).

With another three months of shipments still remaining for the year, 2007 should see a new calendar year record set, surpassing the 52,755 head recorded in 2002. While Malaysia has dominated exports during 2007, taking 74% of total shipments, numbers to other markets have been inconsistent.

Indonesia remains the second largest destination for Australian goats in 2007, with 5,928 head, despite only taking shipments in May and June. Significant shipments throughout 2007 have also been sent to Thailand (2,300 head), Oman (1,874 head), Singapore (1,192 head), New Zealand (1,144 head) and Brunei (1,000 head).

The largest number of goats exported live during 2007 have been sourced from NSW (21,959 head), followed by SA (14,703 head), Queensland (9,515 head) and WA (9,219 head).

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