Boer Goat Farming Project In UPM

At present, a total of 72 adults of Boer species from South Africa were breaded out of which three are males and others are females. UPM had allocated 4 acres of land for the project that are planted with Napeir grasses.

The average ratio for male and female is 1:20 where the female will give birth 1 or 2kids at once which will take around 9 to 12 months before become as an adult. The mortality rates among the species are 2%. The mating between male and female will be done in-house to reduce parasite disease problem.

The Boer species were feed with Napier grasses as well as pellets at a ratio of 70kg to 30kg. Napier grasses are chosen as it will grow faster and were liked by the animal compared with other types of grasses. The Boer species were preferred compared with local goats is mainly because local species will produce only 25kg of meat in a year compared the Boer species which will produce 65kg of meat. An adult Boer can fetch RM 500 at a market price.

In order to start Boer goat farming project, a farmer should invest between RM150,000to RM 200,000 with minimum number of Boer species should around 100 to 150. Besides high capital, better knowledge on breeding also a pre-requisite as proper animal husbandry is important to reduce the mortality rate. In this regard, UPM will give adequate training and assistance for those who have interest as well as capital before starts Boer breeding farming project.

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